Audible: Real Crime

After the meteoric rise of the first season of ‘Serial’, suddenly everyone wanted to make the next big true crime mega-hit. So to satisfy the rapidly growing legions of true crime fans, ITN called upon my services to dig up some deeply upsetting and culturally significant UK crimes.

This was pretty much my first gig as a radio producer. I did my best to bring some respect and class to what can often become a very grubby genre of content. Which is why I found myself recording two men reenacting a tense police negotitation with a mass murderer, armed to the teeth, in a leafy park next to the ITN studios.

“You may find yourself in a beautiful park, with a beautiful Hungerford Massacre reenactment, and you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”

It’s actually been my most highly reviewed programme, so there we go. Nigel left a top review:

“Sadness is guaranteed :(“

If you want to hear what Nigel heard, you can click here, go on!:

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