Little Atoms/Wellcome Collection’s ‘Converging Cultures’ podcast

This podcast, produced by myself for Little Atoms and funded by the Wellcome Trust, was a fascinating few shows to work on. The brief was to present the historic links between the arts and sciences, focussing on key developments in science. Here’s the blurb for ya:

The team behind Little Atoms, one of the UK’s longest-running podcasts, is launching a new series exploring how medical and scientific advances changed how writers and artists view the world.

Converging Cultures is a new four-part series from Little Atoms, one of Britain’s most highly acclaimed and established podcasts.

Supported by the Wellcome Trust, Converging Cultures explores the hidden history of science’s influence on art and literature, exploding the “two cultures” myth.

Produced by Thomas Glasser, with scripts and additional production by Caroline Christie, and presented by Neil Denny, Converging Cultures takes listeners on a journey from the 18th century enlightenment all the way to the future.

Join Neil Denny and the Little Atoms team as they talk to leading artists, authors and academics, creating a complex chronology of the past and future of art, literature, medicine, science and humanity itself.

You can listen to all four episodes here:

It even got a write-up in the Guardian!:

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