Radio 4, ‘Art of Now: Identity Crisis’

The art world is in a crisis, an identity crisis. That’s according to writer and art critic Sohrab Ahmari in this impassioned polemic, He argues that contemporary art is being stifled by an obsession with identity politics.

This was a tricky one to make. I have only recently added this to my portfolio as I was for a long time worried of being associated with the views featured in the programme. But it was ultimately a very useful learning experience as a producer to work with an idea that you may not agree with. I realised that on very few occasions had I felt that way whilst working for the BBC or elsewhere, so it definitely put me outside of my liberal elite comfort zone.

I won’t say any more about the programme other than the fact that I did my very best to ensure that the views at the centre of it were robustly and creatively challenged throughout.

It definitely sparked some debate online! So if you’d like to weigh in as well, you can wrap your ears around it here:

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