Whicker’s World Foundation Prize


We won! So pleased that Carl and I received first prize at the first-ever Whicker’s World Audio and Radio Funding Award. Massive congrats to the other winners. Do check out their projects here: https://whickersworldfoundation.com/2017/06/2017-audio-award-winners-announced-at-radio-academy-festival/

Here’s the official blurb:

The Radio and Audio Funding Award Winners

The £5,000 RAFA went to Tom Glasser from Tring, Hertfordshire, for Sounds Inside – with an Alan Hall masterclass in sound production

In prison for the first time, many inmates are surprised to discover that they are not only cut off from the day-to-day business of the outside world, but also transported to an alien soundscape. In the company of ex-con Carl Cattermole, this programme will take the listener into a unique acoustic world. Sounds Inside will spend 24 hours inside HMP Brixton, exploring a unique soundscape, from the slamming of metal doors to the silence of the harsh Dickensian architecture. 

Judge Alan Hall praised the programme as: “A fascinating subject explored through a compelling character, rich in sound potential.” 


You can listen to the clip that was part of our pitch, here. It features Carl talking about the unique soundscape of prison, accompanied with recordings from HMP Brixton.


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